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"Tint - Zone" has tinted thousands of customer’s vehicles – cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, limousines, RVs, commercial trucks, boats, planes and more. With our extensive experience, we can help you choose the right window tint for your individual needs:

If you drive in Metro Kansas City you probably spend lots of time in your automobile. Now you can say goodbye to heat build-up and excessive glare by installing Automotive Film/Tinting on your windows. Why not reduce stifling heat, dangerous glare and health threatening ultraviolet when you're on the road? Protect your vehicle's interior now and provide more comfort and safety for yourself and passengers. Call us today and experience our commitment to quality in service and workmanship.

Whether you hit the road in a sleek imported sports car, a family SUV, passenger car, truck or van, choose the only window film glass coating (tinting) that offers 99.9% UV protection, maximum heat and glare reduction, and with a Nationwide, Lifetime Warranty backed by the largest window film manufacturer's in the world. And it's recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Making an informed decision about your needs requires more then choosing the right product. It's also a case of selecting the right window film dealer. Unlike others, "Tint - Zone" is a member of an elite group, carefully selected from among the best dealers in the entire country. "KC Tint - Zone" has award winning installers that will ensure the look of your Tint Film installation.

Long after the sale, we'll be there with you. Every Tint Film is backed by the Our Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty Program. We offer Quality Without Compromise. Make the smart choice, "Tint - Zone"

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